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The TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) is a voluntary program-facilities that seek approval as certified cargo screening facilities (CCSF) will be required to meet a variety of rigorous security standards and will be regulated by TSA.  SecureGlobal Logistics, as a CCSF, is required to submit to security threat assessments of personnel, adhere to specified physical security standards and maintain a strict chain of custody for cargo screened and forwarded to the air carrier as a condition of its acceptance as screened cargo by the air carrier.

SecureGlobal Logistics rigorously tracks the chain of custody, including the use of tamper-evident technology to assure that, once screened, cargo remains secured in transit to the aircraft. Under CCSF, air carriers will continue to have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that cargo has been screened prior to flight, If an air carrier cannot verify that cargo has been screened, the carrier must screen it before allowing it to be transported.

SecureGlobal Logistics customers benefit from this in several ways - shippers can significantly reduce the possibility that their cargo may be physically opened and they can bypass the potential delays that could occur if all screening is performed only at the airport.  SecureGlobal Logistics is one of 300+ CCSFs in the US and one of 20+ in the greater Houston area.

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