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Feds making moves to tweak HOS, CSA to determine safety “cultures” of motor carriers
The federal government is making several moves to answer that ever-vexing question that regulators have been trying to answer for decades about the universe of more than 700,000 motor carriers, “How safe are you?”
Analyst Report: An Excerpt from the IDC Enterprise Labeling Vendor Assessment
This IDC Manufacturing Insights report uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of a number of providers participating in the worldwide enterprise labeling application market.
UPS opens up new Atlanta-based ‘super hub’ operating facility
Global transportation and logistics services provider UPS announced this week that it has officially opened up its second-largest United States-based, and fourth largest global network package operating facility.
National diesel average heads up for eighth consecutive week, reports EIA
With a 0.9-cent increase, the average price per gallon is $3.394, coming off of a 7.2-cent increase last week.
Clouds on the horizon
The good economic times may not last forever.
POLA, POLB volumes are mixed in September
POLA reported that total volume for the month, at 801,264 TEU (twenty-foot equivalents) saw a 4.9% annual gain, marking the best September volume output for in its 111 years of operation. POLB handled 701,204 TEU in September, which was essentially flat on an annual basis, with a 0.1% decline.
Department of Commerce and NRF data show slowing September retail sales
United States retail sales for the month of September posted slight sequential gains, the annual gains coming in higher, according to data issued today by the United States Department of Commerce and the National Retail Federation (NRF).
DHL Supply Chain research highlights connection between ground transport and shipper’s growth
In many business circles, the phrase, “you get what you paid for,” can often speak volumes. Based on research recently published by global express delivery and logistics services provider DHL, that sentiment carries a lot of weight.
Descartes’ exec highlights impact of ELD mandate on shipper operations
With the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate now having been in effect for the better part of a year, there have since been various impacts from the mandate on shippers supply chain and logistics strategies, as well as having an effect on emerging time constraints on shipping lanes rather than a loss of truck drivers.
eInvoicing for Dummies
The more quickly you issue an accurate invoice, the more quickly you get paid. But getting paid sooner is only a small part of what eInvoicing delivers to your company.