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Company Overview
Global Presence
  SMART Quality

SecureGlobal Logistics embraces quality program concepts ranging from Total Quality Management to ISO compliant processes and Lean Six Sigma.  Combining multiple theories to create a unique operating and management style know as "The SecureGlobal Logistics System" measurable, sustainable, transferable, and adaptable procedures are shaped against client requirements resulting in elegantly tailored logistics solutions.  SecureGlobal Logistics does not embrace a "one size fits all" approach but blends a systems approach to logistics management with lean agility to produce a truly customized client relationship.

SecureGlobal Logistics Value System



SecureGlobal Logistics utilizes a client-centric approach to quality that incorporates customized work processes, unique to each client, for measurable, improvable and sustainable outcomes designed to meet client requirements 100% of the time with zero defects. 

When incorporated with the underlying value system that defines its culture, this management philosophy imbues trust and creates innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of logistics requirements.

SecureGlobal Logistics founding vision as "a company with a conscience" is a key driver of organizational behavior resulting in actions that produce optimal results for its constituents.  Consistently doing the right things produces the right results.  Being intentional about these organizational fundamentals insures that SecureGlobal Logistics' vision is consistent, clear and applicable.  Vision drives action and action drives results.

Beyond Third Party Logistics to 4PL

Managing the movement of freight is well within the scope of many competent logistics providers. Beyond the movement of freight is the management of the various processes that support the total supply chain.  Excellence in transport management processes is what distinguishes SecureGlobal Logistics as a highly refined international logistics partner.