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Company Overview
Global Presence

  Cargo Screening Hardware

SecureGlobal Logistics partners with ICx Technologies, a premier developer of security solutions for Government, DOD and private industry, to offer a variety of customized security solutions.  Through this strategic alliance, SecureGlobal Logistics is able to directly offer security solutions to its international clientele, thereby incorporating security into its total logistics solutions.  As a Certified Cargo Screening Facility and participant in TSA's Cargo Screening Program, SecureGlobal Logistics has met the rigorous demands required of these certifications, thereby positioning itself as a leader in the field of compliance, security, and participation with the Department of Homeland Security and its various sub-agencies including Transportation Security Administration.  SecureGlobal Logistics is much more than just a logistics company.  We are partners in securing the supply chain and a leader in proactively participating in the highest standards of security for our industry.

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