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Assessing the Total Cost of Supply Chain Damage
Learn how to assess the total cost of supply chain damage to your business.
Panjiva reports record-high monthly import volumes for July
July shipments, at 1,096,835, topped June’s 1,025,643 and were up 6% annually for a new monthly record, according to Panjiva, topping August 2017’s 1,069,292. All months in 2018 have seen growth, with the exception of a 0.2% decline in March, which was the first one going back to a 7.7% annual drop-off in February 2017. On a year-to-date basis through July, shipments are up 6% annually at 6,975,786.
DAT reports spot market freight availability is back at seasonal norms
Data recently published by Portland, Oregon-based freight marketplace platform and information provider DAT, a subsidiary of Roper Technologies showed something atypical in the 2018 spot market, with a decline in spot market freight availability from June to July on the heels of an all-time high in June.
NRF raises its 2018 retail sales forecast
There is often a general consensus along the lines of “when retail sales are good, the economy is good.” It makes sense to a large degree and, really, why wouldn’t it after all? Consumer spending accounts for roughly 70% of total United States economic output, making it the largest piece of the domestic economic pie. While the importance of retail sales, as it relates to economic output is well know, it is especially notable in light of data coming from the National Retail Federation (NRF) today, with the NRF upping its 2018 retail sales forecast.
USC Marshall 6th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit focuses on ‘Transparency’
An exhaustive discussion on the benefits and perils of digitized supply chains took place at the USC Marshall 6th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit in Los Angeles. But if a single conclusion surfaced after the premier Pacific Rim event, it was this: end-to-end transparency can be too much of a good thing if it undermines trust.
Port Tracker points to import volume gains but is wary of tariff impact
Against the backdrop of increasing retail sales and an ongoing “pull forward” efforts by retailers to import goods in advance of new tariffs levied on products made in China, various import volume records continue to be set in 2018, according to the most recent edition of the Port Tracker report, which was released this week by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and maritime consultancy Hackett Associates.
AAR reports U.S. carload and intermodal gains for week ending August 4
Carloads, at 279,907, saw a 3% annual increase, and intermodal units headed up 5.4% to 291,088.
Industrial real estate leaders not yet alarmed by trade war rhetoric
A recent study conducted by the industrial real estate firm CBRE, notes that the new tariffs targeted at high-tech Chinese goods–such as industrial robots, radio transmitters, aircraft parts, computer hardware and electric cars–and is designed to put economic pressure on Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” program.
How to Derive Optimal Value from a Supply Chain Control Tower
This tech brief looks at the major forces influencing the supply chain today, and what a control tower needs to meet the demands of today’s fast moving global supply chains.
U.S. transport interests warning Trump administration to back off “disruptive” tariffs
Major multinational shippers and North American transport interests are warning the Trump Administration to tread softly on its increasing tariffs on aluminum, steel and other products or it will threaten the current sweet-spot economy.